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Schmeiser became a crusader for anti-GMO independent farmers when he locked horns in the late 1990s with Monsanto. The GMO giant, which gave $5.3 million to fight the Washington labeling law, was the creator of Roundup Ready Canola, which other farmers grew on fields near Schmeisers. (Roundup Ready means farmers can douse a crop with the potent Roundup herbicide and, thanks to genetic tinkering, only undesired weeds will wither.) As an experiment, Schmeiser says, he sprayed some of his own crop. When it survived, he concluded that his canola, too maybe through cross-pollination or windblown seedhad become immune to Roundup. Schmeiser, who became the subject of a 2009 documentary film, David Versus Monsanto, says he saved seed from his crop and replanted it. Monsanto sued him for not paying a licensing fee for its patented science.
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Flies liquefy their food with their saliva and then use the tongue – which is shaped like a straw – to suck up dissolved food, in the process transmitting bacteria and pathogens. Flies can transmit diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax and paralytic worms. It is therefore wise to get rid of them as soon as possible as not only do they ruin food but they also pose a serious risk to ones health and the reputation of ones business. Getting rid of flies entirely can be difficult however, especially during the warmer months when the breeding cycle speeds up due to higher temperatures. Rentokil offers some fly control tips to prevent flies from becoming a serious problem this summer: Limit their ability to breed and feed by removing all potential food sources as well as sources of stagnant water where they may breed. Place fans near the most vulnerable areas of your property, such as the kitchen, and keep them blowing.
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Rentokil provides Expert Advice on How to Keep Flies away during the Warmer Months

Fly control is essential to get rid of flies Photos courtesy of University of Florida IFAS By Kaki Holt Special to the Daily News If youve just returned after summer up north, you might spot lots of bugs in your yard, thanks to our heavy rains. But before you or your landscape crew hauls in the heavy spray guns, a cautious approach might be a far better option. Thats because broad-spectrum insecticides kill predators as well as pests, so you could actually be interfering with Mother Natures control mechanisms. There are insecticidal oils like neem and Organocide that are less toxic, says Mike Hipsley from Uncle Bims Garden Center in West Palm Beach. There are also biological controls like BT [Bacillus thuringiensis] in liquid or powder forms. Some problems require even less effort. For instance, aphids can simply be blasted off plants by a jet of water from your garden hose.
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